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AT&T Tab training leads to a la cart pricing

It’s being rumored today that AT&T employees have started training on how to handle the Samsung Galaxy Tab. AT&T has taken page out of Sprint’s playbook on this one, and plans to be the first US carrier to announce pricing and availability. Take this next bit of information revealed with a grain of salt, but it was also said today that AT&T’s pricing… Read more

Samsung using Amtel maXTouch for Galaxy Tab

Announced today in a press release, Samsung will indeed be using the same Amtel maXTouch screen sensors seen in their Galaxy S line, the HTC EVO, and Incredible. Dongsub Kim, Principal Engineer and Team Leader at HW Platform R&D Group of Samsung Electronics Mobile Device Division: “Atmel maXTouch solutions have proven to be the best architecture with… Read more

Galaxy Tab will land on Rogers and Bell

Canadian readers out there, you’re gonna love this. Rogers and Bell have both just announced over the weekend that they will be carrying the Galaxy Tab. Exciting, no? That means in just the US and Canada alone, there will be a minimum of six carriers selling the Galaxy Tab. If that’s not enough to take on the iPad, I don’t know what is. There’s still no… Read more

Galaxy Tab affordable in US; crazy expensive overseas

That’s way things are looking to shake out anyway, with Samsung execs dropping numbers between $200 and $400 in the States–or “Slightly more than the Galaxy S smartphone”–and with Amazon Germany listing the unit unlocked for €799, $1,030. Ouch. That doesn’t sound like much of an iPad competitor now, does it? Of course we’re all expecting carrier… Read more

Samsung Tab rooted

I like this trend of devices being rooted before they’re even released, it’s a great incentive for hackers and modders alike. The latest device to get the treatment is none other than the Samsung Galaxy Tab. As of right now, it’s not known whether or not the root will work on production models, so this is definitely to be considered a work in progress…. Read more

Samsung Tab headed to Sprint in November?

That’s the newest rumor to come out about the Samsung Galaxy Tab from BGR. According to one of their sources, Sprint will indeed acquire their very own flavor of the Tab complete with 3G, and 4G, all by November. Unfortunately, that’s as far as the rumor goes. Taking into account Sprint’s first-to-market advertising and how their version of the Galaxy S… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab roundup: Whole lotta’ Tab

The first day of IFA Germany has been huge for Android. We got to see some amazing stuff today, but nothing can compare to the Samsung Tab. Clearly, the device is going to be huge (and I’m not talking screen size here). What have we been able to gather up on the the Galaxy Tab? Here’s a quick rundown. Oh and don’t worry, there’s a little non-Tab news for… Read more

Samsung announces Galaxy Tab

Samsung announced their Galaxy S Tab today at the IFA conference in Berlin, Germany. The tablet will ship with Android 2.2, Froyo, and eventually be upgraded to Gingerbread, which most people have pegged as 3.0. As for the version following Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Samsung has said that it provides a different tablet experience and will power a next-gen… Read more

Samsung Tab is headed for multiple carriers: GSM/CDMA

When photos popped up of Samsung’s Galaxy tablet, Tab, bearing a white tape label with “CDMA” printed on it, the natural response was to look for the gadget on tablet-hungry Verizon (where it will be turning up) and to ask the question: “Will we see a GSM version?” The answer to that question comes today in the form of FCC filings that list the Tab’s GSM… Read more

Samsung Mobile event, 9/16

Word is coming in today that Samsung is sending out invites to a special mobile event planned for the 16th of September. Exactly what will be discussed at said event is still a mystery. Considering that the Fascinate is due out by the 9th, and that’s the only known high-end Sammy headed State-side, we are inclined to believe this may be the US reveal of the… Read more