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Samsung Vibrant 4G out and about?

The fine folks from over at BGR have put up a post today that features what they claim to be is a picture of the Vibrant 4G. The device certainly looks real, and when paired with the knowledge that the device may well be released February 23rd, it seems to be a done deal. Unfortunately, there’s more to it than that. You see, there’s good reason to believe… Read more

Samsung Vibrant 4G breaks the 14.4Mbps barrier at T-Mobile

David from TMoNews recently got a nice leak from an internal T-Mobile system depicting training slides for the upcoming release of the Vibrant 4G, a Samsung Galaxy S device that features a few bumps over the original Vibrant. The Vibrant 4G ships with Android 2.2, front-facing cam w/ Qik, the movie Inception…oh, and HSPA+ speeds of over 21Mbps. T-Mobile’s… Read more