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Samsung Vibrant loses official Cyanogen Mod support

It’s not everyday that the Android developer community drops support for a device, but sometimes it just has to happen. The Cyanogen Mod team has decided to drop all official support for the Samsung Vibrant, as it has a nasty bug that prevents 911 from hearing the caller when an emergency call is placed. Many may think nothing of it, but in a great time of… Read more

Samsung releases Froyo source code for Epic and Vibrant

Your average Joe type Android user probably won’t find much of interest here, but hackers and modders are gonna love this. Samsung has taken the time to release the Froyo source code for not only the Vibrant, but for the Epic as well — Yes, the Epic doesn’t even have Froyo quite yet (the OTA was announced today), and the source code is already… Read more

Samsung Vibrant will see Froyo starting tomorrow

In a recent talk between PCMag and T-Mobile’s chief marketing officer Cole Brodman, it has been confirmed that the Samsung Vibrant will finally be updated to Froyo (2.2) starting tomorrow, January 21st. The update will work just like the rest of T-Mobile’s updates have – It will roll out in waves with hopes of finishing distribution as soon as… Read more

CyanogenMod Rage Comic for Vibrant owners

It’s not polite to complain about free stuff, especially when that free stuff comes from a group of programmers and hackers who have worked hard to deliver the latest and greatest software to all of our phones. Not to mention that the software often includes fixes and features that the OEMs who built those phones may never get around to publishing. And… Read more

Samsung Vibrant 4G out and about?

The fine folks from over at BGR have put up a post today that features what they claim to be is a picture of the Vibrant 4G. The device certainly looks real, and when paired with the knowledge that the device may well be released February 23rd, it seems to be a done deal. Unfortunately, there’s more to it than that. You see, there’s good reason to believe… Read more

Pre-CES sales: Vibrant and Galaxy Tab

What’s a carrier to do when every major handset manufacturer is on the brink of releasing products capable of pushing their current lineup into the dust bin? Beat them to the punch with massive discounts. Two incredibly popular Android devices are getting a healthy discount today, the Samsung Vibrant and Galaxy Tab. Verizon’s Galaxy Tab is now… Read more

Canadian Samsung Vibrant/Fascinate updated to Froyo

I would love to say for sure that this isn’t a false alarm, but until you have your device updated and working well, you know the drill. According to Engadget and Samsung Canada’s Android 2.2 hub, Canadian Vibrants and Fascinates are both ready for their second helping of Froyo. Once upon a time, the update was pushed out once, only to have it pulled by… Read more

Samsung pulling 2.2 update for Canadian Vibrants

Canadian owners of a Samsung Vibrant are not going to be happy to hear this. Due to “issues that some users have reported while completing the upgrade to Android 2.2,” Samsung is pulling the update to Froyo from Kies until further notice. As you will see in the full blip from Samsung Mobile Canada’s Facebook below, they don’t mention that only Vibrants… Read more