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T-Mobile UK apologizes for Vibrant 2.2 tardiness

After promising to deliver by December 1st, T-Mobile UK has pushed back the OTA that will bump the Samsung Vibrant from 2.1 to 2.2, thereby rocking benchmarks ’round the nation (thanks to the JIT compiler and other optimizations and enhancements). TechRadar, “hope that the Android 2.2 lands by next Friday from T-Mobile, which we’re assured it will…” This… Read more

Run DOS on your Samsung Vibrant

I have to admit that I only have the vaguest understanding the particulars in the post, but I know enough to see that an xda-developer member is describing how he got a DOS emulator called DOSBox running on his Vibrant. He’s playing games and everything (without sound). Looks as though you can pull it off as well. That is, if you can manage to get a Debian… Read more

Samsung Vibrant’s official Froyo build in the wild?

Take this with the normal grain of salt you do an unconfirmed rumory-type post, but if build numbers, ROM descriptions, and image dumps don’t lie, then the official (for the most part) Froyo build for the Samsung Vibrant is already in the wild. According to the newest ROM, Obsidian, from dev Team Whisky: “This release is based solely on the JK2… Read more

So you want a front facing camera in your Samsung Vibrant?

In a recent adventure to make my Samsung Vibrant the ultimate T-Mobile device, I ran across number of mentions of a FFC (front-facing camera) mod that wasn’t supposed to be too difficult. It didn’t turn out to be an easy hack by any means. It’s doable, but you have to know what you’re doing. That’s where I come in. This guide will push you towards the… Read more

Leaked Vibrant JI6 update is now going official

While some of you may already be enjoying all the fine things JI6 for the Samsung Vibrant has to offer (thanks to XDA), the update has finally made the graduation from leak to official. The official update is being pushed out now, and is said to include the following: GPS fix Media Hub Task manager Ability to assign ringtones with stock contacts… Read more

How to put a front facing camera in your Samsung Vibrant

Before we get into this post, I must warn you, this is a little extreme. The community over at XDA Developers have taken it upon themselves to make a tutorial on how to put a front facing camera in a Samsung Vibrant. No, this isn’t just some simple software hack, you must take apart your device and actually put a camera inside. Incredibly enough, it… Read more

Samsung Vibrant deals: $99, $89

The Samsung Vibrant is arguably (without question, in my book) the hottest Android T-Mobile has available at the moment. The Galaxy S series alone has brought Samsung into the same playing field as HTC and Motorola, so the mega-bargains below are nothing to shake a stick at. If you’ve been waffling on the Vibrant, now’s the time to take the plunge…. Read more

Samsung Vibrant [T-Mobile] Questions & Requests

Well, my time with Magenta’s flavor of the Galaxy S has come to an end. I enjoyed my time with the phone and am impressed with Samsung’s deliberate and dramatic 180 on the Android stage. But, as stunning as the device is in terms of specs, UI, display, and overall “wow,” I still see room for improvement in the chasis department. I guess Sammy still has some… Read more

New Samsung Vibrant commercial

If you’ve been reading DroidDog for awhile now, you may know that I am some what of an advertising fan. And if you don’t… well you do now. The most recent Galaxy S series commercial was for the Captivate on AT&T. The commercial featured an epic battle, just for your entertainment, in the palm of your hand. This new Vibrant commercial sticks with the same… Read more

Vibrant: miscellaneous features and apps

This week, I will be posting video responses to your Vibrant questions and requests as well as some review material, and while planning those things out in my mind, I realized that the phone has same neat features that I might not get to in those posts. While none of these little perks are likely to make or break your buying decision, they are worth… Read more