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Judge Lucy Koh Bans Key Samsung Designer from testifying In Apple Vs. Samsung Case

As The Apple vs. Samsung trial rages on; details continue to emerge that show things are not going in Samsung’s favor. Most recently, residing Judge Lucy Koh has signed a document barring Samsung designer Hyong Shin Park from testifying in the courtroom. Park has been quoted as saying Samsung’s phones were inspired by a “bowl of water” as opposed to… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N will probably pass inspection

Another update for the Apple vs Samsung conflict. It looks like after Apple got its injunction against Sammy’s SGT 10.1. Well, Samsung went back to the drawing board and responded with the SGT 10.1N. No hardware or software changes were implemented other than the facelift that sidestepped the issues that Apple pointed out during the hearing. The judge… Read more

Apple takes Samsung to court… again

Well, this story is getting a little tired, but Apple’s back at it. That’s not to say that the Suwon-based smartphone manufacturer, Samsung, is free of guilt. Both companies are at it, but Apple threw the latest punch. Apple is now suing Sammy for infringement on some Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessories in addition to some phones. This time, we’re talking 10… Read more

Apple’s injunction gets overturned down under

The tug-o-war between Apple and Samsung has been covered by blogs all over the world; once a day and twice on Sundays it seems. Today, a new development unfolded down under as an Australian judge overturned the injunction of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1. The Suwon-based mobile conglomerate was slapped with the injunction in October, but now it seems like they… Read more