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T-Mobile Announces It Will Only Offer Value Plans In 2013

T-Mobile is getting rid of their Classic plans in 2013, focusing solely on Value plans. Good move T-Mobile, I was tired of trying to figure out which plan will cost what and what a device will cost on each plan. I’m all for extra simplicity. There are a few implications of this. Value plans sacrifice part of a device subsidy for a cheaper monthly… Read more

T-Mobile Undercuts Best Buy, Prices HTC One S At $49.99

For those of you considering the HTC One S from T-Mobile, your decision just got easier. Earlier today, Best Buy slashed the price of T-Mobile’s HTC One S to an affordable $99, but the carrier wasn’t about to let the retail giant outplay them at their own game. T-Mobile has announced that they will begin offering the 4.3-inch beast for an incredibly… Read more