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Updated: XGear Phantasm Glass Screen Protector For Nexus 7 Review

I’ve been excited to try out a glass screen protector for a long time. And considering that the Nexus 7 glass isn’t exactly of the highest quality, I felt that it would be the best candidate for such a product. The XGear Phantasm is only 0.4mm thick and has a surface hardness of 8H. It is also coated to protect from oils. When the XGear Phantasm… Read more

Best Galaxy Nexus Accessories [Video]

The Galaxy Nexus has been in the hands of the public for nearly a month today. While the phone is still being sold in stores and online, Verizon somehow managed so continue to botch the launch with a severe lack of stock of Galaxy Nexus accessories. Verizon’s 2100mAh extended battery, car dock and desktop docks have been mysteriously difficult to find in… Read more