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Clambook Takes Motorola’s Webtop Idea To A Whole New Level

Clamcase has created the Clambook, an ultrabook without the guts. Very much like the Motorola Webtop docks, you plug in your phone and it will act like an internal display, keyboard, and trackpad. It’ll work with the iPhone, but is really optimized for Android. It has an MHL port, which will output audio and video, and will provide power to the phone…. Read more

Samsung Says PenTile Helps Your Loved Ones (Phones) Live Longer

When the Galaxy SIII was announced, many were disappointed that the Super AMOLED HD screen being used was still using the PenTile matrix layout. However, it may actually be a very good thing. Samsung has stated that AMOLED screens using the PenTile matrix last longer than AMOLED screens using the standard RGB stripe layout. With AMOLED technology,… Read more

Smartphone Screens: Is there a Perfect Size? [Video]

With the massive variety between mobile devices on the market, an interesting separation has emerged between mobile screen sizes. We’ve seen everything from the Droid Pro and the HP Veer with miniscule, yet manageable screens all the way through the massive 4.5″ Samsung Infuse 4G. Logic says there has to be a sweet spot someplace in the middle – But is this… Read more