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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean SDK Released Today

With all of today’s announcements, one of the biggest ones was the fact that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean was announced. Google said that the SDK would be made available to developers today and they’ve stuck true to their word and released the SDK. Some of the big things that that Jelly Bean includes are: Faster, Smoother, More Responsive - Android 4.1… Read more

Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon SDK

Qualcomm announced at their Uplinq conference this morning in San Diego, that they have developed a new Snapdragon SDK to aid developers in differentiating their applications on devices by utilizing a new set of value-added features.  Rob Chandhok, president of Qualcomm Internet Services and the company’s senior vice president for software strategy… Read more

HTC Releases Updated OpenSense SDK, New API’s Included

HTC announced some new APIs back at Mobile World Congress in February and it looks like those are finally coming to developers now with a new update to HTC’s OpenSense SDK. Most of these new APIs will help developers to better integrate Sense 4 features into their apps. Some of these features include things like the sound enhancer, the Sense 4… Read more

SDK for Samsung’s Galaxy Note “S Pen” released

Samsung’s Galaxy Note has been quite the interesting device. Just a little too big for a phone, yet just a little too small to be a tablet. Its also been advertised as a note taker, with its special “S Pen” (basically a stylus). Samsung wants to allow the pen to be used to the best of its ability, and has released an SDK specifically for it. Allowing… Read more

Honeycomb SDK highlights go live

It’s official – Google has released everything you need to know about Honeycomb on an “Android 3.0 Platform Highlights” page located on the Android Developers website. Main points of general awesomeness: 3D graphic support, dual-core processor support, and of course a major overhaul to the entire UI of the OS. Other noteworthy highlights… Read more

New Android SDK (r06) now available

In conjunction with the announcement of Android 2.2 (Froyo) at the Google I/O develepor’s conference, a new version of the Android software development kit has been released by Google. As indicated by the included read me file, some changes have been made this time around. Specifically, no version platforms are included. I guess there are just too many out… Read more

Google releases Android 2.1 SDK

It’s already been a long time coming. With the Nexus One being released just last week developers were left in the dark waiting for the 2.1 SDK. But now they can sit down, crack those knuckles and get to it. Google is calling this but “a minor platform release”. Yet as expected they released the API for the new Live Wallpaper feature found on the Nexus… Read more