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NFC Secure Beta: A Fantastic Implementation For NFC

Phone security has always been an issue.  Android allows multiple options to try and keep your device secure: face unlock with blinking, patterns, pins, etc.  Most of these options will probably keep your device pretty secure, unless you run into Jason Bourne, or an experienced hacker.  Even then, there are some pretty silly ways to get around these… Read more

Hacker Says He Leaked 300k Verizon Wireless Customer’s Data, But Verizon Explains It Differently

Verizon may have a problem on their hands, but it’s not as big as initially thought. A hacker has claimed that he tried to contact Verizon about a security hole, but when they didn’t respond, he decided to take actions into his own hands. He claims he obtained and released 300,000 records of customer data to prove his point, which includes all the info… Read more

Google Play Store Security PIN Unsafe, Easy To Remove

Google implemented a PIN system into the Play Store app on Android. If you want to make a purchase, you have to enter a PIN. It’s a great idea to protect yourself from someone handling your phone, possibly planning to buy every game they can find. However, that PIN is completely unsafe from anyone who knows how Android works. Yes, that means even… Read more

Android Malware Growing By 85%, Says McAfee

This study shows a massive growth in Android malware. This malware ranges from emails with bad attachments to files installing themselves just by you visiting a website. Very similar to what would happen on a computer. But keep this in mind: None of these malware installations are automatic. Yes, to for malware to install, you need to install… Read more

Jelly Bean Ups Security Measures

Google has been hard at work to create their most secure platform to date.  With the release of Jelly Bean 4.1, the company has taken strides against malware and viruses installed by hackers that can lead to “leakage, buffer overflows, and memory vulnerabilities”. What makes this operating system superior to its predecessors is the introduction… Read more

Sprint Galaxy S III Getting Second Security Update

The Sprint Galaxy S III is now receiving its second official update, after being out a few weeks. Both are minor security updates, with this one specifically stated to be a “Google security update.” It’s fantastic to see such great support for the phone. These security measures aren’t even in the face of a security attack, they’re just added… Read more