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Why is it so important to keep a phone password protected?

Password protection on phones. It’s not a new concept, but as we pour more and more data onto our phones, it has become something that many people consider mandatory on their devices. There are are a few different methods available on Android, from the standard PIN method, to more modern ones like pattern and Face Unlock. All of the methods should be more… Read more

HTC confirms that some devices leak WiFi passwords

In a report issued this morning, HTC has confirmed that some of their devices leak WiFI passwords. The company says that some of these Android-based devices leak secure credentials while on a WiFi network. On any WiFi network they are connected to. Of course, as HTC has admitted to the problem, they’ve also confirmed that an over the air update is on the… Read more

Security Enhanced Android released by the NSA

Its been proven that Android isn’t the most secure mobile operating system, and the National Security Agency felt they should step in. They have just released a version of Android known as “Security Enhanced Android” and it aims to fill in some of the loopholes that can make Android vulnerable. It is based off of AOSP Android, and the source is available… Read more

Sprint Addresses Carrier IQ With Internal Memo

Carrier IQ is all the rage these days, and rightfully so. Not surprisingly people don’t like to feel like their every move is being watched. Last week Sprint was one of the few companies to admit using Carrier IQ, so naturally they’ve stepped into the harsh light of this ever developing story. SprintFeed got their hands on an internal memo that informs… Read more

8 Android phones exhibit security flaws in pre-installed apps

Researchers at North Carolina State released a study recently wherein they evaluated the security configurations of popular Android devices from Motorola, HTC, and Samsung. The study revealed that the manufacturers did not properly implement Google’s native security protocols. This lapse in secure implementation has led to phones not properly protecting… Read more

Class Action pops up against Carrier IQ, Samsung, & HTC

Carrier IQ, a name that will live in infamy, hasn’t heard or seen the end of the bad luck train. As of this morning, much has developed in the big-brother scandal. First, Senator Al Franken (D-Minn) issued two separate letters to Carrier IQ, HTC, Samsung, Sprint, and AT&T to ask for responses to some pointed questions by December 14th. If that wasn’t… Read more

Norton Anti-Theft and Skyhook Wireless link up

Norton, the household brand for anti-virus software, has teamed up with Skyhook Wireless to develop a device tracking system for Android devices. The announcement was made amidst Skyhook’s recent courtroom battles with Google over patent infringement and restraint of trade. Skyhook’s contribution to the Symantec arsenal will be most apparent in their Norton… Read more