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Whisper Systems gets bought out by Twitter

The mobile security firm Whisper Systems was bought out by messaging giant Twitter recently. Whisper Systems specializes in hardening Android devices through modifying the kernel as well as creating apps for encrypted messaging, calling, and backup. Though there isn’t any official word on what Twitter will do with their new acquisition, that hasn’t stopped… Read more

RIM to beef up security on Android

Amid bad press that Android is an unsafe operating system, BlackBerry producer Research In Motion (RIM) announced that it would be launching a new “Mobile Fusion device management software” in Q1 2012. The piece of software in question would allow for corporate IT staff to monitor rules for passwords, apps, and software across iOS and AndroidOS. Features… Read more

Android shares joint crown at Pwn2Own

Boasting a big win for platform security, Android, and WP7, recently participated in a hack-a-thon and came out completely undamaged. Pwn2Own is a hacking competition held at the CanSecWest Security Conference where teams of 1337 h4x0r5 (elite hackers) work to find exploits and security holes to hack devices in several different categories. In the… Read more

Google buys Zynamics

Today looks to be a good day for acquisitions. Shortly after Beluga announced they were purchased by Facebook, security analytics firm Zynamics has put up a blog post announcing that they are now a part of Google. According to the post: “We’re pleased to announce that zynamics has been acquired by Google! If you’re an existing customer and do not… Read more

Sprint introduces Total Equipment Protection app

There are plenty of companies out there, carriers included, who offer some great security features for your phone available in app form. Sprint is now offering an Asurion backed application that does just that. Available now, Sprint’s Total Equipment Protection is free for download with Android and Blackberry devices, but requires a $7.00 a month… Read more

Adobe warns of Flash 10.1 security flaw and promises fix

A security flaw in Adobe Flash 10.1 is affecting both desktop ( and Android ( versions. As the official advisory doesn’t explicitly state that earlier versions are ok, users should be wary of the sites they visit, and maybe just disable Flash until a fix arrives. Odds are, with the way Flash performs on Android, you won’t miss it all… Read more

Keep your phone secure: wipe your screen

This is definitely one of the more bizarre security risks I’ve heard of relating to Android, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t legit. And this hole wasn’t exposed by a security firm that sells the patch, either. It was meticulously researched by members of the Department of Computer and Information Science at the illustrious University of Pennsylvania and the… Read more

Google yanks shady apps…from your phone

I think most people are aware that Google, Apple, and pretty much any other company with a mobile apps store reserves the right to pull an application from their market at anytime they see fit. And the presence of application kill switches – the ability to disable an app on your device remotely – is a necessary security measure in a world where consumers… Read more

(FUD) Report: Android Market loaded with malware/spyware

Android Security

SMobile Systems, a company that sells Android security for $29.99 per year, has released a report that indicates one of every five of Android applications access your private data. Of course, discovering that you have unwittingly allowed a stranger to peek into our private life is enough to make a person turn their back entirely on a given platform’s mobile… Read more