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App Review: App Protector

Are you concerned about the security of the information stored in, and accessed by, your mobile apps? I’m not just talking about worst case scenarios, in which your phone is stolen by a hacker who knows how to recover your banking password or your teenage kids get a hold of pictures depicting you on your knees with a beer bong. Maybe you like to show off… Read more

Backing up your Android’s mail: An important chore

Admit it.  You are guilty.  Personal and professional emails that you send and receive from associates, friends, and family buzz between your Android device and the Google servers with ease, and you rarely, if ever, think about what would happen, if someday, that relation ship were to fail. All that data is stored in “the cloud” on Google servers in… Read more

Droid security flaw found

Just when things are great for Android people start finding flaws. It is apart of being a bigger operating system so don’t feel bad – unless you have a Droid. There was a flaw discovered on the Motorola Droid that could let someone access your data on your device, even if you have a lock pattern. How, you ask? Through a call, the person is able to… Read more

BEWARE: Malicious banking app on Andoid

Some scarce information had presented it self this weekend about an app that has hit the Android Market that could be malicious. First Tech Credit Union has discovered a group of apps circulating the market made by a user by the name of  “Droid09″. The apps are most likely phishing for account numbers, passwords, or what ever else they can get their… Read more