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HTC Sensation Ice Cream Sandwich Update Rolling Out In The US…For Cincinnati Bell

Well, this is a sticky situation. In the US, the HTC Sensation is known mostly for its variant on T-Mobile. That handset gained decent sales, and was a fairly popular phone. One of the more odd things about it is that we haven’t heard anything about its update to Ice Cream Sandwich, despite being near identical handsets to the international variants (which… Read more

HTC One V fills the ranks, showcases the chin

If you’ll remember the original HTC Hero, the device that started the whole HTC Sense/Android revolution way back in the day, then you’ll recall “the chin.” It was prominent on the device, and many people either loved it or hated it. We here at DroidDog loved it, to be honest, and we are pleasantly surprised to see that HTC has brought the chin back to… Read more