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More Sense 5 Screenshots Leaked

Everyone has their own opinion on Sense, and those opinions vary immensely. Hell, it’s one of the most controversial topics of Android. But ever since HTC released Sense 4 on the HTC One X, Sense has been slimming down. Even if you don’t like Sense at all, Sense 4 was a huge improvement over the mess that was Sense 3.5. It was slimmed down, the look… Read more

HTC DROID DNA Running Sense 5, Most Likely Port

Here’s an interesting photo for you. It seems that it’s an HTC DROID DNA is running Sense 5 straight off of the rumored HTC M7. While this is probably nothing more than a port (possibly proving that the M7 is similar to the DNA in many ways?), it’s still interesting to see. I can’t say I’m a fan of those bug widgets, and the clock looks very plain (a… Read more

Here Are Some More Leaked Images From The HTC Sense 5 UI

The same people who leaked the images of HTC’s Sense 5 keyboard and dialer have released more images regarding the new Sense theme, and let’s just say (and this is my personal opinion) that HTC is heading in a very wrong direction in terms of design. This is not the direction they want to head in if they want to get out of the massive hole they’re… Read more

Here’s A Sneak Peak At The HTC Sense 5 Keyboard And Dialer

HTC is planning to do a complete UI overhaul with Sense 5. The UI brings completely revamped HTC icons, an improved lockscreen, and some user-friendly tweaks. The entire UI is going for the “simple and clean” look. We still have to wait a couple of days or so before we can see the new Sense 5 in action, but here are a couple of screenshots to hold… Read more

HTC M7 Possible Specs Revealed, Currently All Rumors

We’ve seen rumors about the HTC M7 before, but now we have more alleged information. Take it all with a grain of salt, of course, as absolutely nothing has been officially confirmed. It is said that the M7 will be a successor to the One X, occupying the same 4.7″ class of phones. However, it will bring a 1080p resolution to 4.7″, which is a massive… Read more