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HTC Legend review

After three iterations of the ground-breaking Hero, HTC is building upon previous successes (even those of other manufacturers) rather than reinventing the wheel with Legend. Sense, Android 2.1, 5MP cam, and a lust-worthy design do make this the Jewel in the Hero crown. The Legend combines the bold, polarizing form of the original European Hero’s… Read more

DroidDog’s Incredible May Day Giveaway (NOW OVER)

EDIT: THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW OVER. STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT ONE! It’s that time once again, ladies and gentlemen. Only this go around, we’ve got the hottest phone about to hit the market up for grabs. That’s right, as part of PhoneDog’s 10k Giveaways, DroidDog is handing out an HTC DROID Incredible for the Verizon network. All you have to do is leave a… Read more

Themed Sense virtual keyboards

A lot of you probably caught the news yesterday that gIMpSTa over at xda-developers released themed versions of the HTC IME (virtual QWERTY) for root users that can be flashed, as a zip, from recovery mode or be applied via the MetaMorph app (free and $1.00 donation versions available), which allows you to cherry pick elements from various themes and apply… Read more

Noah’s HTC Legend unboxing

In terms of looks alone, I think this might be my favorite from HTC’s new generation of Androids. The specs of Hero’s successor don’t quite match up to…say, the N1 or EVO, but it does run 2.1 and that unibody aluminum casing looks mighty solid to me. And while I haven’t held one in my hand just yet, I really, really want to. I might not get the chance for… Read more

CTIA: HTC Supersonic is the EVO 4G

What could be one of the most significant, if not monstrous, Androids to date will be launching this Summer on Sprint’s 4G network. The device, which looks more than a little bit like HTC’s HD2, is the first to utilize the carrier’s WiMAX to keep you in touch. To be more specific, calls will be made via CDMA and data will transfer via EV-DO / WiMAX. We’re… Read more

Is Bravo headed for T-Mo US?

You know that killer, Sense-powered sister to the Nexus One that has been confirmed by virtually every carrier across the pond but not by a one over here? I’m talking about Desire, and that it does inspire. Had I the time or the sign of an inkling, I’d write a poem for that twinkling screen upon which my fingers (multiple, true) could dance and twirl and… Read more

Legend unboxing and first boot

SlashGear recently got their hands on HTC’s follw-up to the Hero, Legend, and you can check out a slew of images of the two devices sitting next to one another over at their site. As a fan of the original design, I have to say that I think Legend is incredibly sexy. Had it the specs of the hotly anticipated Bravo (Desire) I’m not sure I could choose between… Read more

HTC Incredible on video

We already knew that it’s coming to Verizon, and that it was kicking around in the wild, but this is the first video showing it in action: HTC’s Sense-packing Incredible. I think I’ve seen this before. It was posted on YouTube on February 7th. Nevertheless, it’s worth posting here: AoIbSeSxXIE Via… Read more