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Your Sprint HTC Hero questions answered – part 2

I’ll be doing my best to get to all of your questions this week, as well as the videos dedicated to the camera and browser. the 10-minute limit on the DroidDog YouTube account (as well as the computer I use to process the videos) limits how much I can do in one day, but stay tuned. Check out parts one and three. EDIT: Pictures can be downloaded… Read more

Is HTC birthing a fire-breathing Dragon?

Check this out. I don’t have any hardware images, but I do have a couple of specs and some screenshots. Nothing in the way of processor or memory, but with a name like Dragon and our source’s use of the words “GAME CHANGER,” one would hope that this thing will pack a wallop. We have to take this for what it is at the moment; ten screen grabs. But the… Read more

Noah gets a Tattoo

The phone, that is. It’s short, but to the point. I’m not super thrilled about using a QVGA resistive screen personally, but if it gets Android to a broader audience, I’ll consider it a good thing – if the phone works well…. Read more

HTC Hero update looks snappy

You’ve gotta have a Windows box to run the updater, and there is a bit of confusion in the community about what this will do to rooted devices, but if you’ve got a straight Hero and are a Microsoft customer, now is the time to update. Keep in mind that this will *wipe* your device (factory reset). So back up accordingly! See the update in action (from… Read more

Video of Tattoo running Sense

What an odd juxtaposition of aesthetics we see here: the slick and refined Sense UI housed within a phone that looks like a WinMo device from a couple of years ago. I think HTC would be hard pressed to reign in American Android enthusiasts with this one, as the resistive QVGA display can’t stand next to the screen of the superior CDMA Hero launching at… Read more

Sprint’s Hero and “with Google”

I guess it’s about time I put together a post regarding the day’s news on the CDMA version of Hero, eh? Well, as I’m sure many of you are aware, there is plenty to write about. It all started at at 3:00 am this morning. I was laying in bed, listening to Coast to Coast AM through headphones, and tinkering with my iPod. You know, playing iMobsters, poker,… Read more

Touch Dual running Sense

If imitation is the best form of flattery, than there are three UIs that the entire industry should be studying to no end: that of iPhone’s OSX, Pre’s webOS, and Hero’s Sense. Nearly countless themes, ROMs, and elements inspired by these handsets have sprouted up in unlikely places, and Sense seems to be the greatest source of such buzz at the moment. When… Read more