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Samsung Shows Off Galaxy S 4 Zoom In 3 Minute Promo

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=3RQpQV9_3oM The Samsung Galaxy S 4 Zoom is a very strange device. It’s a Galaxy S 4 Mini melded with a point and shoot on the back. Literally, it has a 10x zoom lens sticking out of the back of the phone. We call it strange now, but we’re sure it has its target audience. We once called the Note… Read more

Samsung May be Making A Galaxy S 4 Zoom, Its First Camera Phone

I know what you’re thinking. “All Samsung phones are camera phones! They all have cameras!” Yes, you’re right, but they’re dinky little phone sensors. According to information gathered by SamMobile, Samsung is planning to make a true “camera phone” with a bigger camera sensor. The Galaxy S 4 Zoom will have a 16MP sensor, not unlike the one in the Galaxy… Read more

HTC One May Be Delayed Due To Shortage Of Cameras

With HTC’s profits quickly declining, HTC needs to do everything it can to succeed. Fortunately, they have the launch of the HTC One coming up, and the One has been attracting a lot of attention. Unfortunately, the HTC One might be delayed. According to reports, there are shortages of the voice coil motor (VCM) and the compact camera module (CCM), thus… Read more

Sony’s Exmor RS Sensors Downgraded Due To Quality Concerns

Remember those new Sony stacked phone camera sensors that were supposed to be able to shoot HDR video? They’ve been downgraded significantly due to not meeting Sony’s image quality standards. They’ve been bumped down to RGB, instead of the intended RGBW, meaning HDR video and light sensitivity will suffer. It’s too bad to hear, but it’s better than low… Read more

Sony Xperia V Using “Sensor-On-Lens” Tech, Thinner Display

Sony announced their new “sensor-on-lens” technology that they are debuting in the Xperia V. This technology removes a layer of glass and glue, integrating the sensor into the top layer of glass, or lens. It makes you feel like you’re touching the image instead of glass. It also reduces haze and increases luminance. It’s a great technology of course,… Read more

Your Galaxy S III Has An STMicroelectronis Pressure Sensor

There’s a chip on the Galaxy S III called the STMicroelectronics LSP331AP, which is a pressure sensor. STMicroelectronics has decided to explain it to us, since it’s their new generation of pressure sensors. The chip is piezoresistor-equipped that uses pressure to track altitude. Even though it’s just a chip in a cell phone, it’s accurate enough to tell… Read more