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AT&T Announces Exclusive LTE-Enabled Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=wd_CA5dP-OM#! The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is a great tablet, and if you’d like to learn more about it, go ahead and read our review. However, a WiFi only tablet is limited in use. To remedy this problem some people might just have, AT&T has announced that they are going to be the exclusive… Read more

Google Play Games Tipped Off By Android Game Update?

Could this be the first sighting of Google Play Games? A game by the name of Eufloria HD received an update, and its changelog makes mention of Google Play Games achievements. Google Games has been rumored for a while, with sightings in multiple places (like the Google Glass app). However, a game has now integrated it. Does it work as advertised? Is… Read more

Google Creating A Multiplayer Back End For The Play Store

Google Play Services, still going under its old acronym of GMS, is a set of components integrated into apps that help connect to Google services. Google authentication, Google+ log in, Wallet support, all of those are components of GMS. Developers have to put those components into their apps to get these things working, so they can be put in… Read more

Google Babel Screenshots Leak, Could Be Real

There have been many rumors of Babel going around, and there have even been sightings of the name. However, we now have leaked screenshots of the web interface of Babel. And while we can’t say if they’re real or fake (until there is an official announcement, no one can), they sure look convincing. As you can tell, the new shots line up with what… Read more

Google Play Music In US Can Now Match Your Music With Its Own Instead Of Uploading Yours

Google Music is a great service, but uploading your entire library takes forever. Amazon and iTunes have offered a service that scans your local library and adds those songs to your online library from their servers instead of making you upload everything. It’s a useful feature, but at $25 a year for both competitors, it’s a bit hard to justify. Today,… Read more

Play Magazines Come To The UK, Google Spreading The Love

Google has been spreading their services to a lot of new countries lately. People in the UK can finally take advantage of Google Play Magazines, a service that (as you can imagine) provides magazine subscriptions. Many are optimized for Android too, instead of being just photos of the pages. It’s a great service with some fantastic content for those of… Read more

Some Of The Biggest Retailers Banding Together To Create MCX, Taking On ISIS And Google Wallet

It’s official: we have another competitor for the mobile payment crown. And though Google Wallet has that crown, it’s the only one in the game. Soon, ISIS will be released to the world, and will most likely surpass Wallet. There is really no reason it will not. But now MCX has been announced, standing for Merchant Customer Exchange. What an awesome… Read more