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Google Cancelling More Services Beginning Next Year

Every year, Google decides to tidy up their services. Of course, Google can’t keep services running when few people use them and they stop being profitable or viable. So we understand why they kill them off, and we hope those of you who might use them can find an alternative. Luckily for all of us, their core services remain. Here is Google’s full list… Read more

Google Play Books And Movies Now Available In Russia

Google Play services are slowly rolling out across the world, and Russia is the newest country to get more from the Play Store. Google took to their Google Russia Blog to announce that both Play Books and Play Movies are now available in Russia. The Play Store will also offer over 1,000 Russian books and local films, so it isn’t just the same English… Read more

Samsung Launching Multiple Services With Galaxy S III

Android enough is enough to sway consumers into buying a Galaxy S III, according to Samsung. They are planning to launch a few new services with the device to better differentiate themselves from the competition. First up is the Music Hub, and it plans to be a cloud music service, similar to current solutions like Rdio and Spotify. This service provides… Read more