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Google Play Services Updated To 3.0, Adds Google Settings Icon

Google has updated their Google Play Services to version 3.0, which is actually a pretty big milestone. It includes stuff like Google+ sign in and many other smaller features. However, one unexpected “feature” it came with is a new icon called Google Settings. And since the services update automatically, without you even having to press a single button,… Read more

Android 4.2 Getting Notification Quick Settings?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ybzSAyFvAXA Android Police has their hands on an Android 4.2 system dump, and they’ve been tearing it apart. Here is the first bit of info they’ve shared with us. Quick settings in the notification area. Except unlike Samsung’s method, it requires a second swipe down to activate. Out pops a big image… Read more

App: PerApp Lets You Modify Some Settings On A Per App Basis

Have you ever wanted to make one app stop rotating without constantly toggling auto rotate in settings? If you have notification toggles, that makes the issue better, but not ideal. What you need is PerApp. It lets you toggle orientation lock, volume boost, and screen timeout length individually for each app. And if you have root, you can also adjust… Read more