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Spigen SGP Mobile Stand Kuel S20 Review

The Spigen SGP Mobile Stand Keul S20 is a stand for your smartphone, be it on your desk, in your car, or anywhere with a flat surface. With a suction cup at the bottom and a ball-and-socket joint at the top, it can hold your device in any position you want it to. And with an adjustable mount, it’ll fit nearly any phone, including ones with cases on… Read more

The SGP Ultra Thin Air Case for the Galaxy S3 [Video]

One of my favorites cases for the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes from Spigen SGP. The Ultra Thin Air case is the most unobtrusive case I’ve found for this device, acting as basically an alternative color for the back of your phone. Check out the colors available:    The case does act as a bit of a safety net for small drops, as it wraps around the… Read more

SGP Neo Hybrid for Galaxy Nexus [Video]

There are more and more third party cases floating around for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Some only work with the GSM version; others will work with both the GSM and LTE variants. This particular case from Spigen is particularly good looking! It’s a 2-part case: The inside part is a polyurethane plastic sleeve that provides protection scratches and bumps…. Read more