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Motorola Shadow (Nexus Two?) on Phoneage

I was shooting video with the Nexus One when that Motorola Shadow render burst onto the scene, but Jon from tehkseven (and from Canada) covered it with his always entertaining frenetic humor in the video embedded below. And hey, DroidDog is in there too. Thanks, Jon! Like, OMiG! (That’s a joke about the… Read more

Mirage/Shadow, 1080p and HDMI?

While doing my daily rounds on the interwebz I came across a wonderful post on BGR. BGR is starting the rumor of a project by Motorola for a new Android phone coined the Mirage or Shadow. The fun part of this rumor is the stats they have on this device. They have loosely translated the device to have a 800 x 484 – 4.3 inch touchscreen, 8 megapixel… Read more