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Play Store Adds Cheaper Shipping Options, Saver And Ground

The Play Store has been offering two day shipping since it started shipping products in general, but a lot of people would rather save some cash and wait. I’m not the impatient type and gladly get super saver shipping on Amazon for free, even if it means waiting 8 business days sometimes. So I’m happy to see that Google has added two new shipping… Read more

OUYA Consoles Are Now Shipping To Backers

It’s been a pretty crazy road for the OUYA console. Starting as a simple Kickstarter, it exploded into incredible popularity, and the team got working. They created an affordable gaming console with its own app store, and sent it out to developers in a special edition clear shell. Those developers gave a ton of feedback, and the team changed many… Read more

Rumored Google Shopping Express May Be Same-Day Delivery Service

If rumors are to be believed, Google is making its own same day delivery service called Google Shopping Express. Not unlike Amazon Prime, it’ll allow you to buy items and get them delivered extremely fast from physical stores. It would also be $10 to $15 cheaper than Amazon Prime, which is $79 a year. No store partners were mentioned yet. This… Read more

OUYA Development Consoles Ship Out Today, Arriving Soon

After the OUYA broke through its funding goal on Kickstarter, people wondered what was next. Many were excited to see an Android powered console. Many were skeptical it would ever be released, let alone succeed. But the OUYA team is going strong, and they are now shipping development consoles to their developers, along with two controllers, to start… Read more

Google Reportedly Sending Out The Next Nexus 4 Batch This Week

Google has seen massive success in sales with the Nexus 4, selling out almost immediately at launch. For those who didn’t get one at launch, you’re in luck, as it appears that Google is sending out its second batch this week. The web search giant sent an email to our parent site, PhoneDog regarding their order, and it has more than a few interesting… Read more

Deal: Nexus 7 16GB For $250, Free Shipping And Case

Wanna score a Nexus 7 for a bit cheaper than usual? Well eBay Daily Deals has a 16GB Nexus 7 (8GB just isn’t enough!) for $250, which is the same price as what it’s sold for on the Play Store. However, you also get an official case and free shipping. The case is $20 on the Play Store, and shipping from Google (plus tax) is $35. So this deal effectively… Read more

Sony Xperia Tablet S Now Shipping in the US

We first saw Sony’s revamped Xperia Tablet S at IFA 2012 last week, but today the tablet is officially ready to ship in the US. For $399, customers can pick up the 16GB model. Those looking to spend a bit more can choose between the 32GB or 62GB versions for $499 and $599, respectively. The Tablet S packs a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, as well as… Read more