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Nexus Q Pre-orders Beginning To Ship Out Now

Google announced yesterday that they were going to delay the launch of the Nexus Q to improve it and make it more functional. They also mentioned that people who pre-ordered the device would be getting the developer edition for free, no charge at all. They said that they would be coming soon and it looks like they meant it as some customers are… Read more

Nexus 7 Pre-Orders Ship, Cards Being Charged

That’s right guys. Shortly after Gamestop and Office Depot release some of their pre-orders to the public, Google,themselves, has begun shipping out the tablets. Google’s confirmation email states credit cards will only be charged once orders ship and, as you can see above, that has happened. Google also tacked on two-day shipping to all pre-orders you… Read more

Shipping and Release Dates for Google Nexus 7

We’ve received word of a shipping date for the recently announced Google Nexus 7 Tablet.  When Google announced the new 7″ tablet at Google I/O, they said it would be shipping in 2-3 weeks and the Play Store still reads this way, “ships soon.”  From some other online retailers that have the tablet for pre-order, we’re hearing that the tablet will be… Read more

[UPDATE] Verizon Shipping Galaxy SIII Orders July 6th?

Rumors are going around that Verizon will be shipping the Galaxy SIII orders out July 6th. That’s a whole month away, and seems a bit extreme. Considering T-Mobile and Sprint are releasing theirs on the 21st of June, this is over two weeks longer. It’s a little worrying, to say the least. Another date being tossed around is July 9th, which is even… Read more

EVO 4G LTE Arriving At Doorsteps Starting Today

After the long delay in customs, the LTEVO has been arriving at some peoples doorsteps. It has only been East coasters that have confirmed receiving them at the moment, but I’m sure West coasters will get a taste soon. But it’s still great news that the EVO’s are out of captivity and finding loving homes! Sprint wasn’t lying when they claimed they would… Read more