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Netflix Updated With New Player UI And Android 4.2 Support

The Netflix app has been updated with Android 4.2 support. Yes, the app worked with 4.2 before, but now it’s actually supported on 4.2 (which is important). It also comes with an improved player UI, making it easier to control your favorite shows. With a bigger volume slider, a scrub bar that changes the background as it moves, and a 10 second skip back… Read more

Sony’s New Google TV Now Up For Pre-order

Sony’s new NSZ-GS7 Google TV has offcially gone up for pre-order from several online retailers. The company’s new TV companion accessory was first unveiled back in January at CES, but is finally ready for prime time. The device is running Google’s latest version of the Google TV platform and offers several design enhancements over previous models. Most… Read more

Gigbeat for Android Review [Video]

GigBeat is an app that hasn’t been around for a while, but has developed very quickly since its introduction. This app lets you quickly and easily find concerts from your favorite artists in your area. It lets you see when they’re on tour, where they’ll be performing, and all sorts of information about each individual event. This is a must-try for… Read more