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Samsung Galaxy Note II Sign Up Page Live

Just saw our announcement of the Galaxy Note II? Excited to have your hands on this phone? Well you should probably sign up for more info. Samsung has launched their sign up page, which will send you more info about the device as it is available. All you need is a name, email, and a zip code. So if you’re interested in more info, hit the source link and… Read more

DROID Incredible Signs Show Up At Stores

The DROID Incredible has been one of the most elusive phones in a while. It has been shown off in many documents, leaks, videos, and even signs arriving at stores now. But we still don’t have a release date or any word from Verizon. Are they facing delays? Do they just not want it overshadowed by the SIII? Who knows? We just have to play the waiting… Read more

AT&T Releases Sign Up Page For Galaxy SIII, Yay!

AT&T has put up the sign up page for the Samsung Galaxy SIII! They haven’t released a date or a price yet, but you can enter your email address for more information as it is available. Just like with every other carrier, the SIII looks identical to all the others and comes with the Snapdragon S4 processor. Overall, this wonderful. They chose LTE over a… Read more