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S Voice + Google Now = ?

Okay, we get it. Apple certainly got something going with the premiere of Siri on the iPhone 4S. It may have been regarded as a gimmick at first but as time has further progressed we’re seeing it become an everyday thing and competitors are left scrambling to create their own voice assistants. If you browse the Google Play Store you can find a plethora… Read more

Meet Robin, the Free New Siri Competition

Longing for a Siri like personal assistant on your Android?  The Samsung Galaxy S III with S-Voice not on the horizon for you, or the S-Voice port not working on your device?  Well have no fear, Robin is here.  Robin is a new personal assistant app specifically designed for helping you get places.  Robin’s developer, Magnifis, Inc. states that “You… Read more

S-Voice Dukes It Out With Siri In New Video Challenge

With the latest iteration of Apple’s iOS operating system providing Siri with a much-needed boost, it was only a matter of time before someone did a video challenge pitting Siri against Samsung’s S-Voice. The result is a pretty favorable comparison, showing S-Voice can hold its own well enough against the “new and improved” Siri. Of course it’s… Read more

iOS 6 Is Apple’s Biggest Disappointment, Has Android Won?

Today was a big day for Apple, a major player in the tech world. It was the beginning of their annual developer conference, known as WWDC. It was kicked off with a keynote, and among the announcements were a refresh of the MacBook line (along with the reveal of the new MacBook Pro – I want that thing so much, even if I need to sell a kidney), talk about… Read more

Samsung’s S Voice Once Again Available For All On ICS

Samsung’s (infamous) S Voice application is available for all phones again. If you remember, Samsung blocked any phone but the Galaxy SIII from using it, but no blocks can stop a determined modding community. Of course, you must be running a version of Ice Cream Sandwich to use this app, but you do not have to be rooted. If you are not rooted, you… Read more