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You Can Now Search Gmail By Size And Date

Google is adding more robust searching to Gmail today, in the form of searching by size and date. If you want to search by size, type in size:5m or larger:5m, using the example of 5 MB, into the search box. The same goes for date. You can type in older_than:1y for emails older than a year. While it’s not quite ideal to be typing these unnatural terms to… Read more

Study Shows Customers Like Bigger Screens

Kantar Worldpanel ComTech has posted a study proving that people like bigger screens. This is surprising, since as a person with large hands, even I find it a bit difficult to wield a phone that is 4.8″. However, according to the study, among Android phones sold in 3 months in 8 countries, 29% had a screen larger than 4.5″. And those who bought larger… Read more

Ouya Will be the Size of a Rubik’s Cube

Ouya, the Kickstarter smash, is a hit among almost everybody who has seen it. The Android-based gaming console is supposed to revolutionize the gaming industry. In addition, it may be the smallest console to date. Instead of only being slim, such as older Playstations, the device will only be about the size of a Rubik’s Cube. For a console with as much… Read more