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Skype Video Messaging Comes To Android And iOS

Skype is advertising a new feature lately called video messaging. Unlike video calling, video messaging is recording videos (up to three minutes long) and sending them to a person. So it is to video calling what texting is to instant messaging. It’s a pretty good idea, a more personal way of talking to someone when both parties can’t sit down for a long… Read more

Skype & Google Talk Use Carries 15 Year Jail Sentence

Amidst already strict internet policies, Ethiopia’s government recently chose to criminalize the use of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services.  The implement of this ban covers services like Skype and Google Talk, citing a 15 year jail sentence should citizens choose to ignore the legislation.  While the reasoning behind these new laws are… Read more

Skype brings tidings of photos and videos for the holidays

Skype for Android gets a reboot today with its upgrade to 2.6. Among the features that got released, users can now send photos and videos via the messaging system in addition to sharing files or viewing documents. The feature is not locked to WiFi-only use meaning all you people out there always on the go can leverage the feature any ol’ time you want over… Read more

Skype updated to include 3G voice calls

When Skype for Android was first released, there was a lot of noise being made about how calls over 3G data connections were disabled in the US. Of course it only took a day for a hacked Skype .apk to surface online that did allow for voice calls over 3G, but until now, an official update to the app with 3G voice was never handed out. Enter: Skype… Read more

HTC Thunderbolt in stock at Best Buy on February 14th

If Android Central is correct in matching up identifying numbers from an unboxing video with those in the image above, Best Buy will have Verizon’s HTC Thunderbolt in stock on February 14th. This is the first indication we’ve had regarding retail availability of the handset since its unveiling at CES, and pricing is still unknown. Droid-Life has… Read more

Video: Skype acquires Qik

As video capture has been rapidly evolving in the last year, one major player in the industry has quietly sat by, watching from the sidelines. Today, that major player – Skype – is looking to jump into the game. Not only will the company be rolling out a video calling solution for Android devices in the immediate future, but they’re also acquired Qik… Read more

Skype hacked to use 3G and WiFi calling

When Skype was finally released into the Android Market for all users to enjoy, there seemed to be one unanimous groan among the Android community: WiFi calling only? There are indeed several reasons as to why this is in place, but who really cares, eh? Last night, while browsing Twitter, I happened along an interesting hacked .apk. Someone has hacked… Read more

Skype for Android now available; no 3G calls in US

It’s been a long time coming, but the Skype app is now officially available for Android, and it’s pretty darned good. Current users of the popular VoIP service will be happy to see that logging into the app offers them a similar experience to what they’re used to in desktop versions: contact lists that lets you IM or call, a dialer, and the other usual… Read more