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Samsung keynote focuses on breaking barriers between devices

Samsung Electronics has been a huge force for Android and the gadget world in general. While Android is a priority for the gadget manufacturer, it looks like the Suwon-based conglomerate decided to focus this year’s CES keynote on a concept that has been floating around since we started carrying screens in our pockets, connectivity. A seamless experience… Read more

Samsung Smart TVs will bring Android to CES 2012

Android is ready to spread its proverbial wings and the next stop? Your Samsung Smart TV. Yes, all signs point to Android hitting the boob tube in a big way. Samsung has released a little teaser for the masses that takes a behind-the-screen (heh) look at the journey our TVs have made to get to where they are now. What’s really going to be happening next… Read more

Lenovo Smart TV in Q1 2012?

Lenovo has been making waves today with several developments (one & two). If you thought that today was a productive day for Lenovo, they beg to differ. In addition to the mobile hardware they have in the works, Lenovo (the second biggest PC manufacturer) announced today that it would also be developing a “smart TV”. Though no official announcement… Read more