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Brooks’ DogGone Best Android Apps of 2012

For my Doggone best apps of 2012, it took me some time to figure out what I wanted to share with you all.  I thought about maybe I’d tell you about the first apps I install after flashing a new ROM.  This list wouldn’t change drastically from what I offer you below, but it would definitely include Titanium Backup.  But what I’ve come up with for my top… Read more

Microsoft SmartGlass App Finally Makes Its Way To Android

Microsoft has been changing things up lately, and one of their newest projects benefits gamers. At E3 they teased an app called SmartGlass, which connects to an Xbox LIVE user’s GamerTag, allowing them to perform certain functions straight from their phone. The app allows navigation of the Xbox, the ability to control video, and can even be used by… Read more