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Samsung Kills It In Q2 With 52.1 Million Smartphones Shipped

It seems like everyone has a smartphone these days, and manufacturers have the numbers to back that up. In Q2, Samsung shipped 52.1 million smartphones. That doesn’t necessarily mean they sold all of them, but it’s still an impressive number for a single quarter. Next up is Apple, who sold 26 million phones in the same quarter. Considering Apple only… Read more

Sony Unveils The Xperia Miro

Sony recently started a countdown timer and offered users the chance to speed up the announcement by liking the company’s Facebook page. Fans have dropped the timer to 0, leaving Sony no choice but to announce the newest addition to their Xperia line of Android smartphones. The Xperia Miro is a mid-range, social-centric smartphone that features a… Read more

U.S. Cellular Announces New Prepaid Plans

U.S. Cellular has announced three new plans for its prepaid customers. The first plan is 400 minutes of voice, 400 texts, and 400 picture messages for $35 a month. It’s obviously a dumbphone plan, as it contains no data. The second step up is unlimited voice, unlimited messaging, and 1GB of “feature data” for $50 a month. We’re not exactly sure what… Read more

Study: 3G/4G Tablets Use 3X The Data Of Smartphones

A video optimization vendor called Bytemobile showed off its reports that tablets use three times more cellular data than smartphones do. This isn’t at all surprising, but it’s definitely good to see the numbers. Bytemobile also showed that tablets have “more involved” internet sessions. The typical iPad session was 33 web sites, while on the… Read more

Samsung Wants To Sell 200 Million Smartphones This year

On the heels of the Galaxy S III announcement, Samsung’s mobile boss JK Shin has revealed the company’s goal for 2012, and they are aiming high. According to Shin, Samsung hopes to sell 200 million smartphones this year, increasing their global marketshare to somewhere between 23% – 24%, up from 21.1% in 2011. According to MarketWatch, Samsung’s plans… Read more

HTC reiterates stance on releasing fewer devices in 2012

Earlier this morning, HTC’s UK Chief Phil Roberson spoke with Mobile Magazine, and reiterated their stance in the coming months. Last year, HTC released plenty of devices, and the year before that they followed the same routine. HTC has been known as a manufacturer to release a phone as often as people can blink (or so it seems), but it looks like the… Read more