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Sony develops new camera tech for smartphones

Looks like Sony’s trying to claw its way up back to the top and smartphones may be a big part of their road map. Monday, Sony announced two new camera technologies that they would be leveraging in their new smartphones. Supposedly, the new cameras would utilize RGBW coding to make low-light pictures more vibrant. Now, the second bit of tech is also… Read more

Samsung keynote focuses on breaking barriers between devices

Samsung Electronics has been a huge force for Android and the gadget world in general. While Android is a priority for the gadget manufacturer, it looks like the Suwon-based conglomerate decided to focus this year’s CES keynote on a concept that has been floating around since we started carrying screens in our pockets, connectivity. A seamless experience… Read more

What Goes On Inside Your Smartphone [Infographic]

Our friends over at MyCricket have done it again. This time we have an informative infographic detailing what exactly goes on behind that display on the smartphone in your pocket.  Have you ever wondered what happens when you plug up into the charger? Or how that awesome accelerometer and gyroscope work to keep game controls smooth? Check this… Read more

Samsung rep says there are “no plans” to bring Galaxy Tab 7.7 or Galaxy Note to the United States

Ready for some potentially bad news, that will more than likely spread like wildfire? Good. Because, according to a Samsung representative, it looks like the manufacturer has decided that the recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Galaxy Note will not be making their way to US shores. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the brand new TouchWiz-infused… Read more