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Pantech Magnus Photos Leaked

We reported on the Pantech P9090 earlier, better known as the Pantech Magnus. It still isn’t official, but now we have a photo of it. We earlier found out it would sport an HD 720p display, LTE, and a Snapdragon S4 processor. This confirms it will have an 8 MP camera with flash, a front facing camera, and Ice Cream Sandwich at the least. It could even… Read more

Pantech May Have A High End Phone On Their Hands

Pantech has been known for their dumbphone offerings, but lately they’ve been taking the budget Android market by storm. And I have to admit, their budget phones can be pretty good (our own Joey Lehto enjoyed his time with the Marauder). However, they may just be making a high end phone, or mid end at the very least. This phone seems to be made for… Read more

Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon SDK

Qualcomm announced at their Uplinq conference this morning in San Diego, that they have developed a new Snapdragon SDK to aid developers in differentiating their applications on devices by utilizing a new set of value-added features.  Rob Chandhok, president of Qualcomm Internet Services and the company’s senior vice president for software strategy… Read more

T-Mobile’s Got A Brand New QWERTY Smartphone In The Pipeline

For many of you, QWERTY smartphones are a thing of the post, a dying design in the age of 5″ phablets and giant touch-screens that have come to dominate smartphone design. For those who still swear by QWERTY keyboards, your choices have been increasingly reduced as of late, as the “slab” form factor has seen just a handful of releases in recent memory,… Read more

Editorial: Why A Snapdragon S4 Galaxy S III Is Awesome

Editors Note: This is a reprint from an article appearing last night on TmoNews.com, though I believe it applies to all possible variants of the Galaxy S III regardless of your carrier of choice. Happy reading! Yesterday, we found out the full specifications of the Galaxy S III for AT&T and T-Mobile USA. And many of you were disappointed that… Read more

New Leak Shows LG LS970 ‘Eclipse’, Features Quad-Core S4

Whenever the word ‘superphone’ comes to mind, most think of a device manufactured by Samsung, Motorola, or HTC. Truth be told, it’s one of those big three more often than not. Now we have word about the latest and greatest superphone, but instead of Samsung, Motorola, or HTC making it, LG’s in the spotlight this time. A new leak reveals the LG LS970, which… Read more