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Samsung Mobile USA Facebook Page Asks Which Phone You Would Want On Deserted Island, Doesn’t Get The Response It Wanted

Uh oh Android faithful, better get in there and show some love for Samsung as a question posted on their Mobile USA Facebook page has backfired in a big way. When asked what would be the one electronic device respondents could bring on a deserted island, the response was definitely not what Samsung was hoping for. As of this writing, more than 90% of… Read more

Does Facebook Still Reign Supreme For Android Users As The Top Social Media Network? Has Twitter Taken Over?

Facebook has been and will likely remain a love it or hate it social media network. Some in the social media world, swear by it and others have sworn off of it for varying reasons, often transitioning over to Google+ as the new “it” social media network. So where do Android users truly stand with social media app usage? The “good” news for Facebook… Read more

Samsung To Unveil New Social Network, Compete With Facebook?

This is one of those stories that I sincerely hope is a joke, as Samsung is good at a lot things, but I can’t imagine starting a social media network to compete with Facebook is one of them. According to The Korea Times, the service, known internally as “Samsung Facebook,” will be integrated with Amazon’s cloud computing platform and launched… Read more