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Softbank Inhibits Sprint’s Bid On Clearwire

Yesterday, Sprint made a $2.1 billion offer to purchase the remaining 49% of Clearwire it doesn’t own. That’s roughly $2.90 per share of Clearwire. Today Softbank told Sprint that it is only allowed to bid up to $2.97 per share, which is what Sprint paid when it bought a small stake of Clearwire from its founder Craig McCaw’s Eagle River Holdings… Read more

Japanese Carrier Softbank To Buy Majority Stake In Sprint

This has been quite the year for US carrier, and it’s not stopping now. First it was the failed AT&T/T-Mobile merger, then T-Mobile decided to merge with MetroPCS. Now Japanese carrier Softbank has confirmed that they will be purchasing a majority stake in Sprint. Softbank will be purchasing a 70% share in Sprint, totaling $20 billion. Of those… Read more