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It’s Official – 4.1 Jelly Bean Update Is Live For Verizon Galaxy Nexus Devices – Build JRO03O

It is official – Verizon Galaxy Nexus devices are being updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as of this writing. Originally earlier today, numberous sources on the web were claiming to have received the update. Additional research found that in fact the update was live and is labeled as build JRO03O. As some may recall, that same build had shown up as a… Read more

AT&T Sony Xperia Ion Users Receiving Ice Cream Sandwich Update

When Sony released the Xperia Ion with Gingerbread pre-installed, many Android users were left asking why? The Japanese tech giant, however, promised it would be updating the device to 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich before the end of the year. Now shortly after the international Xperia Ion began receiving the Ice Cream Sandwich update, the AT&T model has… Read more

Verizon Galaxy Nexus Receiving OTA Update To Address Lingering Signal Issues – Users Rejoice

It was reported a few weeks back, that a number of Verizon customers that have replacement Galaxy Nexus devices were experiencing significant signal issues. Unfortunately if you were one of these people to have this major issue, you were seeing you were unable to hold a 4G connection for more than a few minutes before it would drop. Users of the… Read more

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Will Be Receiving OTA 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich Update

Owners of the T-Mobile version of the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 have already received their update to Android 4.0.4, leaving owners of the Verizon variant still waiting for when their units would receive their update. As always, Verizon’s updates never share the same sense of urgency or timliness as its rival carriers. Never the less, the Big Red has… Read more

HTC Confirms That They Are Aware That They Missed The Deadline For ICS On The Thunderbolt

I’m sure that there’s probably more than a few HTC Thunderbolt  owners out there who have been hitting that system updates button wondering if their Ice Cream Sandwich update is here yet. Luck isn’t on their side today as HTC has confirmed that they missed their August deadline for Android 4.0 on the Thunderbolt. They did make sure to mention that… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S III And Galaxy Note 10.1 Should Be Getting An Update To Jelly Bean “Very Soon”

Time to get your happy dance ready if you’re an owner of a Samsung Galaxy S III or a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 as amid all the other announcements today, Samsung confirmed that the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update is coming “very soon”. This isn’t too surprising as both are very new and high-end and there have already been several leaks for the Galaxy S… Read more

Motorola XOOM WiFi Soak Testers Getting Notices That A New Update Is On The Way

Even though it was never officially a Nexus tablet, the Motorola XOOM (at least the WiFi version) still gets updates very quickly. Now that the tablet has got it’s bump to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, we weren’t expecting any sort of update for awhile. It looks like that could be changing for the better though as a new email is being sent out to soak testers… Read more