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ASUS Transformer Prime software update now being rolled out

Yesterday we told you about the incoming software update for the quad-core Transformer Prime by ASUS. While there were plenty of rumors regarding what the update would consist of, which was only fueled by a post on ASUS’ Italian-based Facebook page, it looks like there are some rumored features missing from the update. Specifically, no face-to-unlock… Read more

ASUS Transformer Prime software update will include Face Unlock and other new features

Yesterday, ASUS teased that a software update for their Transformer Prime tablet was on the way. Though, in the tease, they left out plenty of information (which is probably why it’s caused a tease). But now it looks like the cat is out of the bag, thanks to ASUS Italy’s Facebook page. That particular social network arm has divulged plenty of details… Read more

Kindle Fire by Amazon software update 6.3 available now

About mid-way through the month of January, Amazon released the software update 6.2.2 for their Kindle Fire. While the last update had one big alteration in mind (full-screen Web browsing), there wasn’t much else included in the download. That changes with the latest update, bringing the software version to 6.3, as there are plenty of improvements to be… Read more