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Amazon Kindle Fire software update version 6.2 now available

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that the Amazon Kindle Fire has done better than we thought that it would do. The Kindle Fire currently sits above the iPad 2 and the Nook Color on Best Buy’s best selling list, taking the top spot. So, this news might apply to a lot of people out there. Amazon is updating the Kindle Fire to version 6.2… Read more

Samsung Rolling out Android 3.2 to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Again

A few days ago Samsung began pushing the Android 3.2 update to the Galaxy Tab 10.1, and it didn’t go as smoothly as they planned. Some users reported that after the update wifi, Bluetooth, and auto-update were broken. Fret not, for Samsung has an update rolling out that fixes everything it broke. The fix will be rolling out via an OTA update. If you… Read more