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ACLU Demands Security Updates From US Carriers

The American Civil Liberties Union, or ACLU, has filed a complaint against the big four US carriers for their lack of Android updates or disclosure on the matter. Yes, even the ACLU thinks that updates in the US are a problem. But it isn’t just people enjoying the latest version of Android: security is the problem. When you buy a device, you get… Read more

Verizon And HTC Announce DROID DNA Update Coming Soon

Verizon has announced that an OTA update for the DROID DNA is “coming soon.”  The software will be updated to 2.04.605.2 710RD and baseband will be included in the release.  Some of the items updated include: adding the ability to watch HuluPlus videos,  Hotspot connectivity improvements, improved Wi-Fi connectivity, and incoming… Read more

Verizon Galaxy SIII Will Be Receiving Software Update “Soon” – Build I535VRALG7 Brings Improved Connectivity, Bug Fixes, And More

Verizon Wireless is not known for their quick and timely updates however owners of the Big Red’s Samsung Galaxy SIII have a glimmer of hope. Although its listed as “coming soon”, the update will be bringing a slew of features. Unfortunately, none of those features are relating to Jelly Bean, however VZW SIII owners will see a handful of key improvements… Read more

Jelly Bean Rolling Out to Canadian Galaxy Nexus Phones

Reports are confirming that Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean is rolling out to Samsung Galaxy Nexus phones on all major Canadian providers.  While you should be notified when the update is ready for you to download, you can also check manually.  To do so:  Go to settings, scroll to “About Phone”, and then tap “Software Updates” to check.  The OTA will only… Read more

Jelly Bean Rolled Out to Vodafone Australia’s Nexus S

Last month the Jelly Bean update for Vodafone Australia’s Nexus S was shelved, citing regulatory requirements related to emergency calls.  While Vodafone hasn’t officially announced the resolve of the initial issue, Ausdroid (an Australian Android blog) is now reporting that customers of both Vodafone and Crazy John’s (seriously) are confirming their… Read more