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Jelly Bean Update For T-Mobile One S Starts Beta Trials

HTC has been rolling out Jelly Bean to HTC One S owners around the world, but as we know, US carrier phones are always late. Luckily, the T-Mobile One S isn’t too far behind. A lucky group of customers have been selected to test the upcoming Jelly Bean update in beta form. This means that the official update isn’t too far off, and hopefully T-Mobile… Read more

AT&T Now Updating Galaxy Note II With Multi-Window

Yesterday we reported on AT&T stating that they will be releasing the multi-window update for their Galaxy Note II, and now they’re rolling it out to Note II owners. The update is fairly big at 178MB but it adds multi-window, an amazing and much requested feature. Go to Settings > About phone > Software updates and check for a new update, hopefully… Read more

AT&T Adding Multi-Window To Their Galaxy Note II Tomorrow

AT&T is the only carrier left that hasn’t added back the multi-window feature to their Galaxy Note II. We don’t know why it disappeared from the US models in the first place, but each one has been putting it back in through updates. AT&T is finally doing the same, releasing the update as an OTA tomorrow. It should be a small update, but it will add the… Read more

AT&T Galaxy S II Receiving Update To 4.0.4

The Galaxy S III may be Samsung’s flagship, but its predecessor, the Galaxy S II, is still alive and kicking. With a dual core Exynos 4 processor, a great 8MP camera, and a gorgeous (if very low res) Super AMOLED Plus PenTile-free display, it’s still a fantastic phone to have (it’s my daily driver). And lucky for us, it’s still being supported. While it… Read more

US Cellular Updating Their Galaxy S II To 4.0.4

US Cellular might be a little late with this update, but they’re still supporting a fairly old device. They are updating their Galaxy S II to Ice Cream Sandwich, specifically Android 4.0.4. The build is FK19 and can only be installed using the “Simple Upgrade Tool.” Why we need another tool is beyond me, considering we already have an over-the-air… Read more

Verizon Galaxy S III Jelly Bean Update Rolling Out Now

Yesterday, Verizon posted all the documentation for the Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update. It said that the update would start rolling out today, and it has. If you own a Verizon Galaxy S III, go to Settings > About phones > System update and check for new updates. You might not get it immediately, since it’ll be rolling out in the next few days,… Read more