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LG Surprised By Nexus 4 Demand, Calls It “Extremely Popular”

It seems that both Google and LG were taken aback by the popularity of the Nexus 4. It’s understandable, no other Nexus phone has been very popular, so even to me it came as a shock that the Nexus 4 sold out so quickly. CNET UK talked to LG about the crazy Nexus 4 situation of it selling out so fast every time it’s sold, and LG had a few interesting… Read more

16GB Nexus 7 Completely Sold Out

It looks like Google’s Nexus 7 is quite popular as it has now completely sold out the 16GB model and the only place where you’re guaranteed to find an 8GB model is Google Play. Even the major retailers are depleted of the tablet and are trying to get more and apparently won’t have them in stock for a while as TechnoBuffalo made some calls and GameStop… Read more