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LG Offering Nexus 4 For Hundreds More, Spanish Retailer Phone House Suspends Plans To Sell It

We know that Google is selling their Nexus devices just to break even, and not to make money off of them. Just like Amazon, they sell their devices cheap and make it up by selling content on their respective stores. It’s a process that benefits both the user and the companies involved. And instead of limiting it to one manufacturer and possibly hurting… Read more

Sprint Hits Big Milestone, One Million LTE Devices Sold

Although their LTE network is very sparse right now, that’s not stopping Sprint from selling LTE devices. In fact, they’ve just hit a huge milestone; one million LTE devices have been sold for Sprint. Now, not all the devices are in consumers hands right now, as the number also counts for the recent iPhone 5 pre-orders. There’s a good chance that this… Read more

Samsung Galaxy SIII Now Being Sold In Dubai

It seems that Dubai has blessed its residents and begun selling the Galaxy SIII. A Redditor saw a poster that claimed the phone is available, talked to a sales clerk, and he confirmed that the white version is now available for $666. Another person tipped The Verge with photos of the white Galaxy SIII he had purchased for about $680. Those who… Read more