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Sony Ericsson rolling out updates for X10 and X8

I understand your skepticism regarding that title. X8 and (especially) X10 owners have grown callous to update rumors, windows, announcements, promises and delays. You can get burned only so many times before you start protecting yourself. But it’s time to prepare yourselves for an emotional homecoming, SE fans; the 2.1 updates are officially rolling… Read more

Video: XPERIA X10i running Froyo

It’s not too surprizing that a hack for Sony Ericsson’s always-behind-the-curve X10 would show up over at the ultimate source for Android hacks and mods, xda-developers, but it is a nice thrill to see that the diligent geeks at xda have released an AOSP (Android open source project)-based Froyo ROM for the X10 before SE even got 2.1 out to the masses…. Read more

Pinch-to-zoom coming to Sony Ericsson X10

The beleaguered XPERIA X10 (unboxed here), Sony Ericsson’s delayed and therefore outdated entry into the Android market is making great progress all of a sudden. Not only did Android 2.1 finally find its way to the sexy handset, but pinch-to-zoom support is coming via an update expected in Q1 of 2011. The hardware is not optimized for multi-touch… Read more

Sony Ericsson offers up Eclair for Halloween!

Patient owners of Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X10, X10 Mini, and X10 Mini Pro, your days of lingering in a world of Android 1.6 are almost over. Sony Ericsson announced today that Android 2.1 will begin rolling out to X10 devices in the evening (European time) on October 31st and will continue throughout November. Some users will get the update over-the-air,… Read more