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Sony Tablet P and XPERIA Play for AT&T offered in new bundle

Despite the fact that the XPERIA Play for AT&T has been out for awhile now, AT&T is offering up a new bundle for those of you out there who are wanting to pick up Sony’s new Tablet P (new for AT&T, at least), in a nice little bundle. It’s not a great bundle, though, considering you’ll have to walk into a store and leave with two different contracts, but at… Read more

Sony updates ICS ROM to beta status

Back in December of last year, Sony –when it still had the Ericsson name on there, too– released an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Alpha ROM for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray, Xperia neo V, and the Xperia Arc S, which was mainly meant for developmental uses, but was also released to any civilians out there who wanted to give it a go. Sony has officially… Read more

Sony completes full acquisition of Sony Ericsson

It’s been a road, but no one could say it was a hard one. Ever since the first report concerning Sony’s planned acquisition of Ericsson’s stake in the mobile phone partnership, the journey up until now has been pretty straight forward and smooth. While we already knew the process was in its final stages, Sony has officially announced today that the endeavor… Read more

HTC rumored to receive PlayStation Certification later this year, sources claim

In the land of Android, differentiation is a major point of contest. Companies strive to create proprietary software to stand out, compared to other manufacturer’s custom user interfaces. For Sony, which has recently acquired Ericsson’s share in a multi-year deal, bringing their PlayStation games to their branded phones made sense, and for anyone serious… Read more

Sony Ericsson ST25i Kumquat caught on camera

While Sony’s already showcasing their next devices coming down the pipe, that doesn’t mean that Sony Ericsson still doesn’t have handsets lingering around out there. We’ve seen as much recently, with leaks like the Pepper. And now we’ve got what is reported to be the Sony Ericsson ST25i, or Kumquat, posing in front of the camera. The Kumquat lines up… Read more