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YouTube “I Want My Google TV” contest puts 100 Sony Internet Televisions up for grabs

In celebration of the season and to spread the word about their potentially revolutionary product, Google TV, the Big G is handing out 100 (yes, 100) free 46″ Sony Internet televisions this winter. To enter, just make a YouTube video expressing your enthusiasm for Google TV and upload it to YouTube by December 22nd. Be sure to tag it with “ytgtv” for… Read more

ABC, CBS, and NBC block Google TV from browsing web video

Google TV’s one big, lofty goal of a main objective is to blur and even erase the line between web content and broadcast television. If you’re a TV network, that’s the scariest proposition you’ve ever heard. Networks bank on the value customers place on always-on, professionally produced, easily-accessible content. But if CBS becomes just another “video… Read more