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Sony Xperia U poses for the camera again

While it is galloping around the Internet as the Xperia U now, the device you see above was previously known as the codenamed Kumquat, featuring the model number S25i in previous reports. That’s still the same, but as we’ve heard in the past, it looks like Sony will be going with Xperia U whenever this phone finally decides to launch. Unlike in its previous… Read more

Sony ST25i Kumquat rumored to be called the Xperia U

There’s no real mention of when the Sony ST25i will be launching, but we’re waiting with utter anticipation. The device may be going around as the Kumquat internally, or around the Internet, but that may not be lasting for much longer. According to a new report from XperiaBlog, the ST25i Kumquat could be called the Xperia U when it eventually… Read more