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Sony Tablet S Now Receiving Ice Cream Sandwich In Canada

Readers in Canada, do you own a Tablet S? If you’re one of the few, keep on reading, as we’ve got great news for you. The Ice Cream Sandwich update for the tablet is now rolling out, bringing the Tablet S up-to-date in terms of updates. Connect to Wi-Fi, and you should receive a notification for the update. Sony claims that the process will only take a few… Read more

Sony Tablet S gets rooted

It may or may not be “about time” for one of the new tablets from Sony to gain root access, but if you own a Tablet S by Sony then your time for gaining root access to the device has finally come. Thanks to developer Dan Rosenberg, the man behind gaining root access to Lenovo’s ThinkPad tablet, you can now finally have all the fun you want with your Tablet… Read more

Sony Tablet S takes a $100 price cut

Sony has announced that they will be upgrading the Tablet S to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich sometime in the near future, and the company looks to be continuing their track of good news late last night. The manufacturer has officially decided to grace the Tablet S with a pretty significant price cut, dropping the price of both models by $100. That… Read more

Sony Tablet S now supports DualShock 3 controllers in Japan

When Sony unveiled their brand new tablet devices, one of the cornerstones of that announcement was how the devices were PlayStation Certified. For anyone who doesn’t own an XPERIA Play here in the States, that means that there are several games that launched on the original PlayStation that will now work just fine on certified devices like the Tablet S…. Read more