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Sony Xperia Ion Root Method Now Available

Sony Xperia Ion owners can now rejoice as their device can now be rooted.  XDA-Developers forum member yuunanase has released a method that allows the LT28i to be rooted with minimal effort.  It requires you to unlock your bootloader and then flash an insecure kernel.  To complete the process, you will need to run a small script and finally, install… Read more

Sony Xperia ion up for pre-order now

We know that the Sony Xperia ion is on its way to AT&T’s network, but what we’ve been missing since its official announcement was a price. Not surprisingly, we’ve got word from phone retailers that the pre-order switch has been activated, and now the pricing has finally been confirmed. Thanks to popular retailer Negri Electronics, we’ve finally got a… Read more

Sony Xperia ion hands-on at CES 2012

Now that we have seen how the Sony Xperia S handles in front of the camera, it’s time to find out if the Xperia ion is camera shy. The device, which features plenty of the same statistics as the Xperia S, is headed towards AT&T’s 4G LTE network some time in the second quarter of this year, but until then we’ll just have to live with this hands-on video… Read more

Sony Xperia ion for AT&T officially unveiled

We reported late last year that Sony’s acquisition of the ION trademark would probably lead to something smartphone-related for the company in the future, and sure enough everything has panned out. AT&T has officially unveiled the Sony Xperia ION, a phone that can easily sit at the top of the high-end phone list without much question. It will be an… Read more

Sony files to trademark Xperia Ion moniker

Looks like Sony Ericsson has decided on a name for a device, but which one? We reported last week that a device code-named LT28at was headed to AT&T. We also reported that the Xperia Arc HD (Nozomi) was undergoing carrier testing in Hong Kong. Now, to add fuel to the fire, Sony has recently filed a trademark application for the name Xperia Ion. The… Read more